The Pegasus router

Our routers deliver the best in-flight experience on the market today.  All of our aviation routers come with our patented WAN acceleration.

Certified aviation router

3rd Party Apps Functionality

IOT Functionality

ZTP (Zero Touch Provisioning

6 Connections using L Band

Dual 3x3 MIMO concurrent WIFI


The Ulterius Aviation Router transforms your experience! 


Using patented technology and a proprietary chipset, the UAR provides a user perception of a 10X+ increase in data speed.  Having Network agnostic processing it produces the same order of magnitude increase in perceived speed for any network.

Installation of your new Ulterius Aviation router is quick and easy.

Utilize existing network infrastructure and antennas, creating a seamless installation of the new Ulterius Router in your aircraft.

In addition to a simple one-for-one swap of your hardware.  Ulterius Aviation Router comes standard with the next generation of security.   Making Ulterius not only the fastest connection in the air, but the safest.

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