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Our technology was created to make WiFi better, by telecom and enterprise engineers.  After demonstrating our superior technology in the air, we decided to solve the issue of poor or no connection on todays flights.  Connectivity on board aircraft will never be the same with Ulterius Aviations new Aviation router.

Everyone knows the issue.

We all have experienced poor to no connectivity in the air. When we fly we still expect our connection to be the same as it is at home or office. Unfortunately the demand far exceeds the available bandwidth today In the air.  

Increased bandwidth typically requires antennas that: are large and expensive, decrease aircraft aerodynamic performance, and cannot be installed on a large portion of the addressable market due to limited real estate on the aircraft exterior.

Ulterius has solved all these issues. 


“The Ulterius Aviation Router will open up high-speed broadband to markets not currently able to support the existing equipment and costs.  This is a game-changer.  No one else has anything like it.”

Industry Insider

“People will line up to purchase this router.  Can I be a distributor today even though you don’t have a product out yet?”

MRO/Aviation Services Provider

”…the router we just released to market is obsolete.” – Competitor

“This solves the problem we have had and moves us into the next phase of services that we can offer our customers.”

– Fleet Operator

“This would fit into a broad market that we support.”

– Airborne Connectivity Service Provider X


– Avionics Equipment Manufacturer Y

“Finally, someone has come up with a solution for bad wifi.”

– Silicon Valley Tech Firm

“You will make existing wifi obsolete.”

– Airborne Connectivity Service Provider Y

“This solves the problem of having unreliable broadband.”

– Avionics Equipment Manufacturer X

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